Monday, August 23, 2004

Sorry so long but things have been crazy around here...

We got approved for our mortgage and put in an offer on a house and we are now waiting to find out if they accepted out offer...I hate waiting, I prefer instant gratification but it will be worth it if we get it!

It's a 1564 sqft colonial with 3 bedrooms, 1 bath and 7 rooms total! The yard is huge since the lot is 8712 sqft! It's decorated circa 1975 with wallpaper on every wall that is truly heinous but we can take all that down! There is ugly orange wall to wall carpeting but under it is hardwood flooring in every room except the kitchen and bathrooms (vinyl tile currently)...it's way more house that we thought we would ever find in our price rnage in a good neighbor hood...a friend of miine lives about 5 houses down with her husband and 3 kids (one is only a few months older then the peanut face).

Hubby has been working crazy hours to help us save up money for the move, so not much new there!

My grandmother is in a nursing home now and seems to be doing well, my grnadfather is adjusting well to being on his own but is feeling guilty for putting her there...

Peanut face is officially out of speech therapy and will be starting preschool in September...

that's about it around here! Keep your fingers crossed that I/we hear soon befoer i go into heart failure or develop an ulcer!


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