Friday, July 23, 2004

Things are still looking good here, we have an appointment on Tuesday with a realtor to go and look at 3 houses as well as an appointment with out financial advisor to try to get the credit card straightened out. We found out who holds it and they want 1200 but we can probably get that negotiated down quite a bit so it shouldn't be to bad...

Peanut face and I went to a going away party today for a friend who is moving at the end of the month, then we went to the local pool and peanut spent the afternoon swimming and had a blast. The pool is actually 2 pools an adult pool that goes from 3-9 feet or so and a seprately fenced kiddie pool for kids 5 and under that at it's deepest is only 1.5-2 feet so it is just right for the peanut face...we were there with several friends and everyone had a great time, after we got home and were carrying things into the house it started raining so it was great timing!

Have to go get the peanut face ready for bed, Later


Wednesday, July 21, 2004

oh my god...i know i've mentioned a few times here that we are looking to buy a house, and i think in my last post i mentioned we had found one the next town over and were waiting to hear from our mortgage advisor...well we heard...he/they are willing to give us 100% financing and possibly the rehab loan for the renovations, all we need to do is pay of the one past due credit card that hubby has...it's under 1000 so it's not unmanagable to pay off now, if we can find who holds the debt as it has been bought and sold several times an no one seems to know who has it now...so realistically we could be moving by Sept 1st, hopefully we will be able to pay the card off in the next week or so, then go through the paperwork and things for the house...

I really want this to work but now I have butterfly's adn am all nervous/excited...oh my! The only drawback to the house is that is is smaller than our apartment...our apartment has spoiled us though since it is around 900-950 square feet 2 bedroom 1.5 baths with basement and garage, the house is only 744 square feet although we will finish the basement as part of the rehab and turn it into a family room/peanut face playroom...but hey it will be ours! So keep your fingers crossed that no one buys it before we can...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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