Friday, July 16, 2004

Hello, it's me again...Not alot going on around here. I've just been really exhauseted and bleh...
The peanut face had her 1 year evaluation on Monday, she is preforming at or above age level for everything so she is all caught up! WOOOHOOO Also in peanut face news, she went to the doctor on Saturday for an infected blister on her finger and when they weighed her she came in at 23 pounds! The last time she was weighed at around 6 months ago she was only 19.8 pounds! So she is finally gaining weight (I know 23 pounds doesn't sound like much but she will be 3 in September so it's a big deal around here!)
We have found a houe in a neighboring town with a fantastic school system that is actually in our price range, however we are waiting for preapproval and a buyer's workshop before we can do anything...I'm just praying tht it doesn't get sold, houses in the town usualy sell for at least 30-50 thousand more than this house is going for. We know it will need a lot of work but it would be such a great place to be especially for peanut face to go to school! So keep your fingers crossed for us!
Hubby is working some crazy hours still so not much has changed there...
I'm still going crazy, but that's pretty normal. So all is well around here...Later

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