Saturday, June 26, 2004

well, whaat do you know 2 updates in 1 week...peanut face is napping, hubby's at work and i really should be cleaning but...eeehhh...she just takes the toys back out again!

If anyone who read this is interested i do have gmail invites just wasting away!

Beyond that not much to talk about, the weather is warm and humid and icky so I'm hiding in the house...I feel pukey and bleh for no reason i can find, no fever, no other symptoms, just pukey...

Family is all doing ok...no one is dead yet. We found a house that we love ina good family friendly neighborhood...it's at the very top of our affordability though so I hope it doesn't need much work since we wouldn't be able to afford to do it...I would love this house though, it's 3 bedrooms across the street from one of the better elementary schools in town (actually the school where aI went once upon a time), it's not to far from where we are now so I can still shop, and get where I need to go easily, it's around the corner from hubby's grandmother who lives alone and needs help with outdoor upkeep adn it would make it easier to help her...the neighborhood is great though, it's one of those neighborhoods where you see the parents teaching their kid to ride a bike in the road, very little traffic...the way a neighborhood should be...Next weekend hubby is taking a homebuyer's workshop through NACA (visit NACA.com for info) they are a mortage/neighborhood enhancement group for people with credit problems and lower incomes so after that we can start working with them to see what they are willing to give us for a mortgage...

I'm also looking into taking a tax preparers course this fall since a very close friends owns a small private tax firm and said that she would pay for the course and then hire me next tax season, it would be part time when the peanut face is in pre-school and in the evenings when hubby is home so it would fit really well and the extra money would be great! It's not a job I ever dreamed of since I've always sucked at math but since it's all on computers now and since I have done it in a very minor way in the past and enjoyed it i think it's worth a shot, plus it adds to my resume if/when i go back to work full time...which won't be for a few more years...

Well that's all that's happening here!


Friday, June 25, 2004

Ugh...I'm tired...last week sucked, this week was only marginally better!

My grandmother is now in a nursing home. I'm sad about it, but I know it's where she needs to be. Especially since she was threatening to kill my grandfather and in fact had hit him several times with her cane! My grandfather is dealing with it alright so far, but I know he's hurting and upset, especially sinc emy aunt and her husband pretty much forced him to make this decision rather than lettin ghm figure it out inhis own time. Nursing homes are crazy expensice though it's like 150-200 a day! I can't even imagine...I feel bad for her roomate though since gram is a very mean and abusive little old lady!

Aunt In Law came home on Sunday, she's doing better although still home from work for another week or so.

Also found out last week that one of my cousins suffered a brain anurysm (SP?) and is now in rehab trying to get back all her motor skills and is having short term memory problems...

Do you ever feel that sometimes the world is collapsing around you?

Other than that, peanut face and I have stayed busy, playing outside when the weather permits and visiting friends and going to the zoo as well...not to much going on around here though...

Also everyone (well 4 people) I know had babies in the past week or so! All cute, but then all babies are...

I have to go clean up and do laundry now so see you later!


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