Friday, June 18, 2004


It's me... Dana! Can you believe it.... I've landed again! So.. the rules have changed slightly... I'm leaving a piece of trivial information behind each place I steal... and this is what I'm leaving here...

Dana Fact: I'm terrified of ducks. Not the little oh they are annoying, and I'd rather not see ducks kind of fear, oh no! I have the can't move my feet, terror that rips through the body and I can't move kind of fear of ... that's right, of ducks!

So..... what's going on here, you ask... it's simple. I'm breaking into blogs all over the world and leaving behind hints on where to find me next. Its really easy.... go read these blogs and see who commented... in those comments is where I'll be hiding next.

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Happy Blogging!
- Dana

SON OF A BITCH! You know when it rains around here it really pours! My aunt in law is still in the hospital after being air lifted from her local hospital to a major medical center on Monday, she ruptured a vein in her lung and was essentially drowning in her own blood, they got that fixed and when doing CAT scans to check for blood clots, they found scar tissue on her brain from mini strokes that no one knew she had, so she will be staying in the hospital for more testing and to try to find out what is going on...

My aunt just called and my grandmother is in the hospital, she went in last night with swelling in her legs and a severe infection in them, plus she has conjunctivitis and is on high doses of antibiotics to help clear up the infections. She also has alzheimers and my grandfather is now realizing that he can't take care of her and she will be going into a nursing home after this...UGH!

So things are a wreck in the loser genius house! I'm going to go try to find someone to watch the peanut this afternoon and for a little while tomorrow afternoon so I can see my grandmother (she's contagious adn I don't need the peanut to be sick too!), on Sunday we will probably go and visit aunt in law since the hospital she's in is an hour away.

I hate this crap!!


Thursday, June 17, 2004

Well I think it's still sooner than last time although not as soon as i was planning! Things have been going great...Hubby has been working 7 days a week so Peanut Face is becoming my little velcro monkey...the less she sees him the more she clings to me! But she's cute and doesn't weight much so I don't complain to much. Spent the past couple of days making food for friends that just had their first baby, I remember when I had Peanut Face, everyone would come over and offer to hold th ebaby when I could do that myself but no one offered to clean or bring a meal or any of the million things that would have been actually helpful...except for my mother in law and one aunt in law, whil I was still in the hospital they came and cleaned my apartment top to bottom and had everything ready for us to come home and since I had been on bedrest for the 6 weeks before then the house was a bit of a wreck so they really did alot...even organized my cabinets! I didn't know I had covers to all my tupperware!

Beyond that we are starting to look for a house since the apartment just isn't cutting it for me anymore, I would really just like some privacy...we live in a duplex and while the neighbors are ok, I want my own space now and we have been here for 4.5 years! Plus the other kids are always breaking Peanut Face's outdoor toys and hogging them so she can't play and since all the toys in the yard are hers...it bugs me!

Now I have to pick Peanut Face up from playgroup! See you later!


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