Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Well, I guess hell has frozen over if I'm actually updating this again...
Sorry it's been so long but my life has kinda hit the shitter lately and I haven't felt up to dealing with much.

I'm ok, just a little nervous breakdown...Peanut face is doing great fully day trained, willing to wear clothes, cooperative and the light of my life, at least when she's not driving me crazy!

Hubby is still working crazy hours since we are still broke...but we're doing ok. He had his vasectomy about a month ago, so peanut face is officially our only natural child, we would like to either adopt an older child in a few years or become foster parents, although we would like to have a house and a spare room first. I nkow its no required but i think having their own space can help make a child feel more secure about their place in a family.

I hate the weather lately, a few weeks ago it was 90+, today's high is 60...what the heck! I mean I now I live in New England and all but this is getting crazy.

We are hosting a small bbq/cook out on Monday, I must be crazy to be doing this. I never entertain, I hate having people over, and I'm a bit anti-social...but to late now, a few of my friends from my moms club, and their families are coming along with one of hubby's gaming friend and another couple we are friends with...should be interesting!

Well, I have to go start dinner...be back soon...promise!

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