Friday, March 19, 2004

Sorry so long but my life is boring, very busy but boring!

Peanut face is potty trained, haven't had an accident in about a week (knock on wood), still wearing a diaper at nap and bedtime but I'm fine with that. I'd rather wait until summer for night training, less clothes on and less blankets on the bed!

Hubby has been working crazy hours so not much to say there. We went to a 40th birthday party for a friend last weekend...bored out of my mind, the people there are mostly hubby's friends. Although there was one couple there that I used to work with, the male half of that couple and I have always gotten along fine, talk hang out and so on, his female half is a snotty b*tch and I hadn't seen her in about 1.75 years since i left job...she got fatter than me...it's a woman thing! I look better and she's still an ugly b*tch! TEEHEE!

Have my nephew's birthday party tomorrow they are 8. Should be interesting since we haven't seen the in laws in a few months and they will be there...Then on Sunday we have hubby's aunt's 50th birthday party, plus it's my aunt's birthday on Monday, and my 9 year old cousin's birthday is this weekend too...tons of march birthday's around here...

So, got the poeanut face her swing set, and the next day we get 4 inches of snow...welcome to new england! She went outside and played on it anyway, just in her snowsuit!

Well I'm heading to bed since everyone else here is already there...see you later...I promise to be back sooner than last time though!


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