Thursday, February 19, 2004

Howdy, neighborinos! How is everyone doing today? We are doing ok here in loser land!

Did our taxes on Tuesday. I love getting money back! Hubby is upgrading our computer this week, or at least ordering the parts for it. I am buying summer clothes for the peanut face, and clothes for him and I. We are also geting the peanut face a new dresser for her room as she has more clothes then space, and since all the clothes still fit and many will fit in the fall too she needs more space! We are also getting a new entertainment center since ours is bigger than we need and falling apart, then I get to leave teh technological dark ages and get a cell phone...and our big tax purchase will be a swing set and outdoor play equipment for the peanut, and depending on how much money is left after all of that putting her in gymnastics or music together classes.

We have also decided that she is starting preschool in the fall, as long as the one we wnat has a space available for her. It will only be 2 days a week but I think it will be good for her. She loves to be around other kids and I can use a few hours off a week to run errands and get things done.

And sometime in the next week or so I am starting a legit work from home job. A friend is paying me to run all the errands she doesn't have time for, like prescription pick up gift shopping, groceries and things like that. She owns and operates 2 businesses, one as a travel agent and the other as an accountant and during tax season she doesn't have enough time to get all the other life errands done...its reat since she is just going to email me list of stuff that needs to be done and I do what I can when I can around my and peanut face's schedule! Plus its 10 bucks an hour plus gas, to do things I have to do anyway...like grocery shopping and Target runs...I'm loving it! It will also be nice to have a little extra money (it's what we will use to pay for preschool), I may also do some office work once the peanut face is in school...

Well I need to go do some cleaning since I have people coming over tomorrow!


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