Friday, February 13, 2004

Blech. Peanut face is sick and cranky. I feel so bad for her too, she has that stuffy nose lisp where nothin sounds right and it's to cute but she ets so frustrated when i don't know what she is asking for. She's napping right now, thank god, i know she needs the sleep.

I'm a little stuffed up but otherwise fine.

Daytime TV sucks...don't usually watch since I'm not usually home or if I am home I'm usually busy but with her napping I don't have to much to do...already did cleaning for today...I could do laundry but I don't wanna...

Not doing anyting for Valentine's day since hubby is working, probably just rent a movie and han out...ahh the laid back life of a parent...

I really have nthing to say and am just ramblng...oddly I do this inperson too! :-)


Thursday, February 12, 2004

YIPPEE! I'm a weiner! I once again won a present from the famous Charlie! I don't know how this works, but not only was I his 10,000th visitor I was also his 20,000th! WOOHOO present for me. (doing happy dance)

Well still doing ok...peanut face has a stuffy nose and slight cold so she's a little cranky. Of course at 2 she's cranky even when she's healthy! She had playgroup today and made me a Valentine's Day card...it's very sweet!

Not doing anything fun today...playing withe peanut face until hubby gets home then returninga shirt I just bought (doens't look right), going to the gym then home watch Pheobe get married on friends! Well have to go help peanut face on the potty...See you later and go see Charlie you might get a present someday too!


Tuesday, February 10, 2004

The test was negative...Thank God! No Buns in my oven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 09, 2004

Well...ummm...stress sucks! Still debating the whole preschool thing...to respond to my commenters (commentors?). My area doesn't have any community based program like you are referring to...unfortunately, plus I am looking for something with a bit of structure. And we looked at Montessori but one in our area is 280 a month so is actually even more expensive and that 280 id for 2 days 8:30-2...and that's not even the Montessori that we liked, the one we liked is 350 a month for 3 days...our area has 4 montessori schools! The going rate for preschool in my area is about 150 for part time and 300 for full time...

I'm also worried I might be pregnant which is the last thing we want as we want peanut face to be an only child. In fact hubby is geting a referral to a urologist for a vasectomy tomorrow...then we just have to find a doctor who will do it. We will probably have a hrd time finding one though as hubby is only 27 with one child and its a permanent choice, (I know it can be reversed but it costs a fortune and isn't guaranteed).

I REALLY don't want another baby, I can barely handle my toddler, plus I really don't like the baby stage! I think this age where they talk and walk and don't constatnly need attention (at least that's how peanut face is.) She is totally day trained now to use the potty and I don't want to start over with the diapers and the bottles and ugh..I think I would lose my mind! However, if we are we will love it and keep it and be happy about it...eventually...

My period is about 5 days late, but I have no other symptoms, plus there are many other things in my life that could be messing with my period including my new exercise routine from none to daily! or stress about money and stuff, plus I've had a nasty fever/cold thing the past few days (started the day my period was supposed to). I've also been having mild cramps for like the past week like my period is going to start but nothing yet...we're buying a home test and checking it the morning...

If I am pregnant it will make the preschool decision much easier as I would definitely send her, so that I could at least get a bit of sleep and it would give me a chance to bond with the new baby without feeling like I am ignoring peanut face, plus with a new baby I probably wouldn't be up to going out all the time and it would get peanut face out and around other kids...

Ironically enough it will be 3 years ago tomorrow that we found out we were pregnant with the peanut face (hubby's birthday present)...

Well keep your fingers crossed...preferably that we are not pregnant!


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