Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Well still not much happening in the exciting life of me...We found a preschool we like but aren't sure we will be able to afford it since its $170 for 2 days 8:30-1 or $140 for 2 days 8:30-11:30 (until 1 includes lunch although I supply food). Plus where we live you need to be 5 by Sept 1 st to start kindergarten and Peanut face misses that cut off by 3 weeks, and I would just put her in private kinderarten and then start her in public school but alot of people were doing this they have a new law that children must be 6 by Sept 1 to start 1st grade tooo. Private school is way to expensive to try to bypass this...so we aren't sure if we want to start her this year or next year...Do any of you have any experience with kids being the oldest or youngest in thier class? Or with the preschool experience? Thanks in advance for any help!

Beyond that hubby's birthday is next week adn we are oing out kid free Saturady night to celelbrate that and Valentine's day early. I'd rather celebrate early since finding a siter is easier and I don't think its worth fighting the crownd that night...

Peanut face just got up from her nap so I need to go get her! Talk to you all later!


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