Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Well, I seem to be more me...I think i was just having one of those days where it feels like the ceilin fell on you!

Potty training is going great, we are now doing short errands in real underwear with success!

Hubby still working crazy hours which is driving me nuts...sometimes I just get so tired of doing all the parenting stuff alone, but it should get better soon...or at least he won't be on call next week!

We are looking at preschools now for peanut face, we are debating on whether to start her this year or next year. The kindergarten cut off here is age 5 by Sept 1st and since her birthday is Sept 22, she just misses it and will have to wait another year to start school unless we put her in private school which is expensive! However we are thinking of having her start preschool in the fall 2 days a week just to give her a chance to be around other kids and to give me a chance to run errands and get things done. We've toured several places and have found ones that we like so now its just debating where and what days/times to have her go, if we have her go...any opinions? It would be half days 2 days a week so about 8 hours a week!

We have snow which I hate but hubby and peanut face love it! Hubby's birthday is the 10th of Feb and on the Sunday before he is going snowboarding with friends and the Saturday before peanut face is spending the night at memere's and we are going to go out and have dinner maybe see a movie or somethng else fun and celebrate that way! Peanut face also has a birthday party to go to that day for one of her little friends...

She has been eating better lately which takes a load off my mind although with her wearing underwear now instead of diapers she has gone down a size in pants since 2T just slides right off now, the problem with that is that the next size down is just the right length and if she gets even a little taller they will be to short, thank god we are getting into summer soon so she can just wear shorts and dresses and not have to worry...I just went and bought her a buch of shirts for now and they should fit her next fall, all her tops were body suit style with the crotch snaps and just don't work with the potty so she is good there now!

Things ahve been quiet around here lately and I need to go see what she has gotten into!



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