Friday, January 16, 2004

Sorry no updates...time is flying by this week! So let's review...

Tuesday: we didn't do anything I can actually remember...probably just hung around the house and relaxed!

Wednesday: playgroup at a friend's house, her son is a month younger than peanut face and there were 2 other kids there one is about 2 weeks younger than peanut face adn teh other is about 10 months youner...plus a couple of itty bitty's (2 months and 4 months). the kids had a blast and played well no fighting! And hte big news on Wed was that peanut face pooped in the potty!!!!!!!! Yippee...if you don't have kids you may not understand but if you do you know my joy!

Thursday: peanut face pees in the potty for the first time, then we go to playgroup all by herself I sneak out after 5 minutes and she is fine until; I pick her up at 1 (diapers at playgroup) after nap pees 2 more times on the potty!!!!!!

Friday: seems to be getting the hang of potty training as long as she is naked...and in fact pees in the potty to avoid a diaper but refuses to wear underwear. She is napping now in a diaper and when she gets up we go back to being naked...I can live with that I suppose at least i don't have to change diapers all day long! The only drawback to naked training is that I am spending a fortune to heat the apartment since it is only 5 degrees out today...and the place is drafty...oh well I suppose since I'm not paying for diapers it all balances out!

Really not much going on today just staying in out of the cold...hope you get to stay warm too!


Monday, January 12, 2004

Well the weekend was ok...went to the local Discovery Channel Store and weighed in for the national body challange, but since they ran out of kits I am now wiating for my free bally's membership...hopefully this will motivate me to get off my butt and lose some much needed weight!

Sunday went grocery shopping and then I saw a movie with a friend...We saw Something's Gotta Give, wicked cute movie...loved and it and lauhed bunches so if you have the chance I highly recommend seeing it!

And since today is Buzz's Blog It Forward Day IV here is my pick!

Plain Jane. She is a very funny, and sarcastic writer who always makes me snicker at something (if swearing offends you, you may wnat to read elsewhere!) So go read her and let her know you stopped by!

Well time to shower and then peanut face has speech therapy so see you all later!


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