Friday, January 09, 2004

Have you ever put off dealing with a problemn and gotten really really stressed about it? Then when you finally have to deal with it you find you could have avoided all the stress...I hate when that happens although its always better to find that all your fears and concerns are groundless!

Not going anywhere today since its 2 degrees out, and although I would like to get out of hte house it's not worth all the bundling I have to put here throuh, plus I really don't have anywhere to go...

Hubby is working late tonight so not planning on much for dinner, canned beef stew that I keep in the house for days like this, its hot, hearty, filling, and doesn't taste bad either! Other than that I have to clean and do laundry...I HATE laundry!

We are/were supposed to go to a prty tomorrow night at hubby's work but its an hour and a half away, and work isn't going to let them out early to go so by the time we got there dinner would have already been served so we're skipping it! I didn't really want to go anyway so it works out great for me! Now we are just debating on whether or not to go ut around here, we already have a sitter lined up and we have free tickets for movies so we might do that, or we might just stay home and vegetate...not sure yet...well have to go switch laundry...Bye!


Thursday, January 08, 2004

All is good here...Peanut face survived her first momy free playgroup. She's been on the waiting list for this one through her speech therapy. It's every Thursday 11-1 and I can just drop her off and pick her up. Since today was her first time I stayed until about 11:45 or so because I had a hair appointment at 12, she screamed and cried when I left but the woman running it said she stopped as soon as I was one and was fine the rest of the time...she is my little drama queen!

Didn't do much different with the hair...I copped it in hte beginning of November from mid-back to just past my ears, it looks really cute though, today was just a maintance trim adn we added more layers, I think it looks really cute...

Haven't done much the past few days (which is why no update), Tuesday just ran a few errands and hung out, Wednesday, stayed home and relaxed and afer hubby go home from work I ran to Target (easier to do without the kiddo). They were having a great sale on winter clothes for peanut face so I bought a bunch of sweats and a few pajamas for next winter, i also bought her some shoes I can put away until her feet grow...

Also bought peanut face some underwear and training pants so I can start potty training her...anyone have any advice on that? Sometimes she'll ask to go but most of the time she's not interested and even when she sits on the potty she won't do anything while on it...but need to start trying anyway since we are looking to start her inpreschool this fall adn she needs to be potty trained! I'd also like her to be in underwear before summer since I'm sure a diaper isn't comfortable when its really hot out! Well please feel free ot offer any advice you have!

Have a great day!


Monday, January 05, 2004

YYYIIIPPPEEE! Her evaluation went great, she is a tiny bit behind in her gross motor skills (she's 27 months old and tested at 24 months) but the therapist says its most likely because hse is so tiny that things like walking up and down stairs are difficult (she is 20 lbs and 33 inches). When she was originally tested her speech was in the 6-9 month range for expressive adn the 12-15 month range for receptive and she was 20 months old at the time! Now both are testing at 23 months so she is only s few moths behind now. On everything else she tested at around 31-35 months which is way above her age range! I feel better now, she willl stay inspeech therapy until July of this year when her annual evaluation comes up since at that point she will likely test out.

Other than that I need to go finish cleaning and vaccuuming since someone is coming to clean 2 of my rugs for free...I'm sure they will try to sell me a vaccuum or rug cleaner but what ever its a free rug cleaning! Talk to you later!


Sunday, January 04, 2004

LALALALA I can't hear you!!!!!!!!!! Peanut Face has been making me crazy today with all the whining! Not to much going on around here today, just hanging out, today was my turn to sleep in so I didn't get up til 11 and then by the time all 3 of us were bathed and ready to go it was 1:30 and we went grocery shopping...spent all our money on food came home cleaned up and just hung around...gosh my life is boring! Why do any of you ever bother to come here and read anythin...and if you're here why would you come back?

Big day for the peanut face tomorrow, it's her 6 month speech evaluation, they are also oing to check her gross motor skills to see if she has caught up. When they did the original evaluation she was a little behind but since she walked late and had only been walking for a few months by then I opted to just give her more time rather than start therapy for it, now I need to see if she's caught up or needs help there. Personally I think she is fine but better safe than sorry. Her speech is fantastic ad she is already caught up, I will probably keep her in therapy though since it can't hurt and may help her keep from backsliding...plus she really likes it!

Well hubby is whining that he wants the computer...I can't seem to go 5 mimutes without someone whining! So see you all later! (All 1 or 2 of you!) :-)


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