Friday, January 02, 2004

Well, not much to say about new years, made it to midnight but other than that stayed home watched Seabiscuit (rocked) and went to bed at 12:15. Yesterday just hung around and in the afternoon took peanut face to the park (temps were in the 40's and we bundled her up), she had a blast climbing on the jungle gym and sliding on the slides, she also slid on the ice patch but she was fine thanks to all the padding! We were the only people onthe playground, ther were a few exercise nuts out walking but other than that the park was empty, it was nice! Today however we are getting snow, predicting 1-3 inches, you have to love weather here!

Not much going on...just kinda blah with everything...see ya!


Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Well its New Year's Eve...one more year own and only 16 more to go...can you tell peanut face is making me crazy! Looking back over this past year I am amazed at how far peanut face has come, she started walking in february at 17 months, has finally started talking (she receives speech therapy every week since July), and her eating is very slowly improving (she doesn't eat)! She has grown so much physically, mentally, and emotionally in the last year...and she has grown to fast! I remember when I was a kid and my mom would tell me I was growing up to fast and I would laugh because I didn't think I was growing up fast enough, now I understand what she meant! It's now that I miss my mom the most, she passed away when I was 11 now that I have a daughter of my own I misds her so much...its been almost 15 years and I still want my mommy...

In other news hubby is at work, Moms Club newsletter and calendar is almost donw for January (I am secretary and have to edit articles, compile newsletter, and sendout around 35 every month.)

Tomorrow my mother in law and grandmother in law are coming over for lunch and then the holiday's are officially over, at least until the birthday's start in another week..ugh does it ever end?

Well no big plans for tonight just staying home and watching movies, hubby thinks that he might go to a friends party but if I have to stay home with the baby so does he, I let him go to it last year and he didn't get home until like 3 am and I was stuck sitting home all by myself, my usual sitter is booked! I refuse to do that again this year...

I hope everyone has a happy new year and if you drink please don't drive!


Monday, December 29, 2003

Well, its Monday...ick! Even though I don't work at an 9-5 job any more I still dread Monday's! Let's see what did we do this weekend...hmmm...

Friday: Hubby worked and peanut face and i stayed home trying to get her settled back into her routine! I think when Santa dropped off the presents he took my nice sweet child and left me a miserable little crank! The holiday's got her over excited, the new toys mean she never wants to stop playing, and she is teething (2 year old molars and thankfully this is the last set of teeth she is due for!)!

Saturday: same as Friday!

Sunday: home in the morning and to Toys R Us in the afternoon for the traditional Christmas gift return...only 1 this year and used the money from that and a gift card she received to buy her 3 new dvd's (sale on until saturday all DVD's and VHS buy 2 get 1 free!). Nothing to exciting just Bear in the Big Blue House (Potty Time), Rolie Polie Olie: The Baby Bot Chase, and The Book of Pooh Movie...she loves them though and is watching Olie right now so I can type this!

Monday: My moms club exec board meeting was this morning (I'm secretary) and we did it via conference call and online chat since we were all double booked this morning! Then Aly had a speech therapy appointment! SHe is doing wonderfully with that! After Diane (therapist) left it was nap time and she just had a tubby and is watching Olie. Tonight Hubby is buying gas for the grill and we are having steak (its 50 degrees, plenty warm enough for grilling!) and I'm sure I will make other foods too like pasta and veggies but not sure what yet...

So that's where we stand now and Peanut Face is still a crank...grrr...Anyone want a beautiful little girl? Free to good home one day only (after that I miss her and want her back)! She is cute, smart and doesn't eat much (eating issues are a whole other post)!

Back later...

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