Friday, December 26, 2003

Well Christmas is over for another year...thank God! I love the holidays but the expense and the craziness can be a littl eto much! Peanut face made out like a bandit with Santa...Hubby and I don't exchange gifts at Christmas since we are usually broke but when we get our taxes back we usually buy a few presents for each other then!

It was so worth it with peanut face this year though! She is only 2 so this is the first Christams she had any desire to participate in. The look of joy on her face Christmas moring when she came downstairs and saw her new kitchen was worht the 2 hours hubby spent putting it together! And when she saw there were more presents she just glowed! She also got a bunch of presetns the night before at her memer's house and my mother in law was supposed to stop by on christmas day for lunch but she was a cold/flu thingf so she only stayed for a few minutes to drop off gifts so I didn't have to cook until last night when hubby's best friend and his girlfriend came over for a late dinner and hung out for a bit! It was nice to stay home and this was the first year we have done that. I just didn't feel it was fair to ask her to give up her chance to play with her presents to go to other peoples homes who didn't want to go out because of their own kids...

Now hubby is back at work today, peanut face is napping and I'm organizing all her presents.

I hope you all had a great holiday!


Monday, December 22, 2003

Sorry no update the last few days...the Christmas rush has begun around here! The family party on Saturday wasn't to bad...no killed anyone so it was a plus! Yesterday I felt like poop so I stayed in bed most of hte day, then got up went to Target to return something and then went out to dinner with hubby and peanut face with gift certificates hubby's cousin gave him for Christmas, very handy! Today, got up, went to playgroup, then to bank came home fed child, fought over nap (I won she's napping) and made dinner which is in the oven as we speak infact made a double batch so have dinner for a day next week too! (Shepard's Pie freezes great!) Well have to go start/continue the holiday cleaning!


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