Friday, December 19, 2003

Sorry for not posting yesterday, but was just to insanely busy to spare some love for you! Its official, the parade of ugly useless crap has begun! Hubby's grandmother got me an ugly brown wallet set, complete with cluth, coinpurse and checkbook cover, ironically enough I don't carry any of the above, I don't even carry a purse! The my father in law buys the peanut face a fugly western style denim dress, pearl snaps and all! We live in Massachusetts so the western thing doesn't play well here, its winter and a little to cold for a dress and did I mention the crocheted flowers stuck on the front with embroidered stems...ugh! He plays favorites though with my neices and nephews so its to be expected, peanut face usually gets the short end of the stick. And don't get me started on my sister in law...she bought peanut face duplos, now I know that doesn't sound bad but peanut face already has over 300 of them collecting dust since she doesn't like blocks, and I told my sister in law this back at the peanut faces birthday in Sept, of course I also told her that the child doesn't need cltohes at all so for her b-day she bought her 2 outfits...I know she does it on puropse though since we asked brother in law to be godfather but didn't ask her to be godmother...she's been bitter ever since and the christening was almost 2 years ago!

At my mom's club secret santa though the child got hooked up! There was a 15 dollar limit and I know this cost more than that since Ihad priced it for her before and just didn't have the extra 20 bucks...so woohoo!

Going out tonight with hubby, friend and girlfriend to see return of the king (yes my inner geek is showing), they are cooking dinner for us and then we go see the movie..I can't wait and peanut face is spending the night at memere's again. Then tomorrow when we pick her up we have to drive to Rhode Island for a christmas party with Mother in law and her family...yippee 2 hours in the car with a 2 year old who hates long car rides...wellI have to go get her packed for tonight talk to you all agian sometime this weekend!


Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Well I finally got my Christmas cards ready to go in the mail! I've got a few extra so if anyone would like a rare special edition photo card of me and mine drop me a line with your address and I will send one on its merry way...this is a limited time offer and there are a limited number! In other news it is pouring rain here all night and the streets are flooding, the fun will be for the commuters tomorrow morning since we are supposed to go below freezing here tonight, ice skating cars on the way to work, I definitely don't miss that!

Ran into a guy I used to work with at Costco yesterday, he works there now, and he asked me what I do now. I told him I'm the mommy and he said "I know, but what do you do?"...I was little insulted since even when I worked being a mom was the most important job I did (I worked for 6 months after she was born). When did being a mother (or father) stop being a legit job...I work harder now than I ever have and the responsibilty's are tons more important! Has anyone else ever had this experience?

Anyone, I have to go back to wrapping gifts for tomorrow...Tomorrow being the start of my christmas week...

Well, peanut face painted the rest of the ornaments for christmas and is now stacking my canned goods...as long as she is happy! While painting she also managed to paint herslef a blackeye...looks too cute and best of all it washes off!

So far haven't managed to run any of the day's errands which is par for the course around here! Of course the weather is not helping, cold wet and icky, who wouldn't want to stay home in that?! Peanut face slept in this morning until 9:45, of course the price for that was that she woke up like 4 times last night, and will not nap today.

I need to go investiate the thuds from the kitchen, probably the cans but need to check just in case!


Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Well today is almost over and this is the first time I've sat down here all day! Today was the first time peanut face has ever been baby-sat by anyone outside of family. She was great, never noticed that we left her there! Didn't do anything exciting just went to lunch with the hubby and bought wiper blades for my car, was nice to do it without the peanut face hanging on me/us. From there went to Costco and bought a few things, dropped off toys for toys for tots from my moms club, came home adn played and now she is in bed for the night!

Tomorrow I need to go to the bank, pick up my christmas cards from the photo place get them, get them ready to go out, wrap presents for Thursday (3 parties that day), and Peanut face has speech therapy in the afternoon, busy busy busy bees here!

Hey, its Christmas and I have a question for you all...if you could get any present for Christmas what would it be? Well gotta go clean and do dishes...back later!


Monday, December 15, 2003

Well apparently she was a crank-but because she was tired since she has been up in her room for almost 3 hours without a peep, that only happens when she falls asleep! Who knew?! She has been trying to give up naps and only naps maybe 1 day out of 3 so I didn't think anything of it...that'll teach me!

And now she starts waking up! Well at least I got some things doen while she slept! I threw dinner in the crockpot (Sweet and Spicey Kielbasa), started the dishwasher, cleaned the painting mess and got a bunch of pictures organized...

I'm going to go let her out of her room...I will try to be back later!

Hey if anyone is actually reading this could you please leave a comment to let me know!? Thanks!

Does anyone know how to stop a toddler from driving you crazy? She was painting some ornaments for Christmas and started throwing a temper tantrum, however she was covered in paint so I put her in the tub so she wouldn't paint the house and she is still flipping out about something...no idea what though...GGGRRRRRR! She is making me batty today! She's in her room to calm down and I think I will go have lunch to calm myself down!


Sunday, December 14, 2003

Well the party last night sucked...It was boring and we left early! We called hubby's best friend and his girlfriend and went to play pool. It was great...and we didn't get home until midnight. I don't remember the last time I stayed out that late and we had the chance to sleep in this morning, very relaxing! Picked the peanut face up at 12 and am now relaxing with her while hubby is working. He is a cable guy and is on call today and unfortunately he was called out for a few jobs! I feel pretty bad for him since just as he was leaving the snow storm started and it is pretty nasty out now and he probably won't be home for at least a couple more hours if not longer.

Between the storm and him being called out I probably won't get all my errands run today but it all gets done eventually so no big worries...I'm goin to cuddle with the peanut face back later...


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