Monday, August 23, 2004

Sorry so long but things have been crazy around here...

We got approved for our mortgage and put in an offer on a house and we are now waiting to find out if they accepted out offer...I hate waiting, I prefer instant gratification but it will be worth it if we get it!

It's a 1564 sqft colonial with 3 bedrooms, 1 bath and 7 rooms total! The yard is huge since the lot is 8712 sqft! It's decorated circa 1975 with wallpaper on every wall that is truly heinous but we can take all that down! There is ugly orange wall to wall carpeting but under it is hardwood flooring in every room except the kitchen and bathrooms (vinyl tile currently)...it's way more house that we thought we would ever find in our price rnage in a good neighbor hood...a friend of miine lives about 5 houses down with her husband and 3 kids (one is only a few months older then the peanut face).

Hubby has been working crazy hours to help us save up money for the move, so not much new there!

My grandmother is in a nursing home now and seems to be doing well, my grnadfather is adjusting well to being on his own but is feeling guilty for putting her there...

Peanut face is officially out of speech therapy and will be starting preschool in September...

that's about it around here! Keep your fingers crossed that I/we hear soon befoer i go into heart failure or develop an ulcer!


Friday, July 23, 2004

Things are still looking good here, we have an appointment on Tuesday with a realtor to go and look at 3 houses as well as an appointment with out financial advisor to try to get the credit card straightened out. We found out who holds it and they want 1200 but we can probably get that negotiated down quite a bit so it shouldn't be to bad...

Peanut face and I went to a going away party today for a friend who is moving at the end of the month, then we went to the local pool and peanut spent the afternoon swimming and had a blast. The pool is actually 2 pools an adult pool that goes from 3-9 feet or so and a seprately fenced kiddie pool for kids 5 and under that at it's deepest is only 1.5-2 feet so it is just right for the peanut face...we were there with several friends and everyone had a great time, after we got home and were carrying things into the house it started raining so it was great timing!

Have to go get the peanut face ready for bed, Later


Wednesday, July 21, 2004

oh my god...i know i've mentioned a few times here that we are looking to buy a house, and i think in my last post i mentioned we had found one the next town over and were waiting to hear from our mortgage advisor...well we heard...he/they are willing to give us 100% financing and possibly the rehab loan for the renovations, all we need to do is pay of the one past due credit card that hubby has...it's under 1000 so it's not unmanagable to pay off now, if we can find who holds the debt as it has been bought and sold several times an no one seems to know who has it now...so realistically we could be moving by Sept 1st, hopefully we will be able to pay the card off in the next week or so, then go through the paperwork and things for the house...

I really want this to work but now I have butterfly's adn am all nervous/excited...oh my! The only drawback to the house is that is is smaller than our apartment...our apartment has spoiled us though since it is around 900-950 square feet 2 bedroom 1.5 baths with basement and garage, the house is only 744 square feet although we will finish the basement as part of the rehab and turn it into a family room/peanut face playroom...but hey it will be ours! So keep your fingers crossed that no one buys it before we can...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, July 16, 2004

Hello, it's me again...Not alot going on around here. I've just been really exhauseted and bleh...
The peanut face had her 1 year evaluation on Monday, she is preforming at or above age level for everything so she is all caught up! WOOOHOOO Also in peanut face news, she went to the doctor on Saturday for an infected blister on her finger and when they weighed her she came in at 23 pounds! The last time she was weighed at around 6 months ago she was only 19.8 pounds! So she is finally gaining weight (I know 23 pounds doesn't sound like much but she will be 3 in September so it's a big deal around here!)
We have found a houe in a neighboring town with a fantastic school system that is actually in our price range, however we are waiting for preapproval and a buyer's workshop before we can do anything...I'm just praying tht it doesn't get sold, houses in the town usualy sell for at least 30-50 thousand more than this house is going for. We know it will need a lot of work but it would be such a great place to be especially for peanut face to go to school! So keep your fingers crossed for us!
Hubby is working some crazy hours still so not much has changed there...
I'm still going crazy, but that's pretty normal. So all is well around here...Later

Saturday, June 26, 2004

well, whaat do you know 2 updates in 1 week...peanut face is napping, hubby's at work and i really should be cleaning but...eeehhh...she just takes the toys back out again!

If anyone who read this is interested i do have gmail invites just wasting away!

Beyond that not much to talk about, the weather is warm and humid and icky so I'm hiding in the house...I feel pukey and bleh for no reason i can find, no fever, no other symptoms, just pukey...

Family is all doing ok...no one is dead yet. We found a house that we love ina good family friendly neighborhood...it's at the very top of our affordability though so I hope it doesn't need much work since we wouldn't be able to afford to do it...I would love this house though, it's 3 bedrooms across the street from one of the better elementary schools in town (actually the school where aI went once upon a time), it's not to far from where we are now so I can still shop, and get where I need to go easily, it's around the corner from hubby's grandmother who lives alone and needs help with outdoor upkeep adn it would make it easier to help her...the neighborhood is great though, it's one of those neighborhoods where you see the parents teaching their kid to ride a bike in the road, very little traffic...the way a neighborhood should be...Next weekend hubby is taking a homebuyer's workshop through NACA (visit NACA.com for info) they are a mortage/neighborhood enhancement group for people with credit problems and lower incomes so after that we can start working with them to see what they are willing to give us for a mortgage...

I'm also looking into taking a tax preparers course this fall since a very close friends owns a small private tax firm and said that she would pay for the course and then hire me next tax season, it would be part time when the peanut face is in pre-school and in the evenings when hubby is home so it would fit really well and the extra money would be great! It's not a job I ever dreamed of since I've always sucked at math but since it's all on computers now and since I have done it in a very minor way in the past and enjoyed it i think it's worth a shot, plus it adds to my resume if/when i go back to work full time...which won't be for a few more years...

Well that's all that's happening here!


Friday, June 25, 2004

Ugh...I'm tired...last week sucked, this week was only marginally better!

My grandmother is now in a nursing home. I'm sad about it, but I know it's where she needs to be. Especially since she was threatening to kill my grandfather and in fact had hit him several times with her cane! My grandfather is dealing with it alright so far, but I know he's hurting and upset, especially sinc emy aunt and her husband pretty much forced him to make this decision rather than lettin ghm figure it out inhis own time. Nursing homes are crazy expensice though it's like 150-200 a day! I can't even imagine...I feel bad for her roomate though since gram is a very mean and abusive little old lady!

Aunt In Law came home on Sunday, she's doing better although still home from work for another week or so.

Also found out last week that one of my cousins suffered a brain anurysm (SP?) and is now in rehab trying to get back all her motor skills and is having short term memory problems...

Do you ever feel that sometimes the world is collapsing around you?

Other than that, peanut face and I have stayed busy, playing outside when the weather permits and visiting friends and going to the zoo as well...not to much going on around here though...

Also everyone (well 4 people) I know had babies in the past week or so! All cute, but then all babies are...

I have to go clean up and do laundry now so see you later!


Friday, June 18, 2004


It's me... Dana! Can you believe it.... I've landed again! So.. the rules have changed slightly... I'm leaving a piece of trivial information behind each place I steal... and this is what I'm leaving here...

Dana Fact: I'm terrified of ducks. Not the little oh they are annoying, and I'd rather not see ducks kind of fear, oh no! I have the can't move my feet, terror that rips through the body and I can't move kind of fear of ... that's right, of ducks!

So..... what's going on here, you ask... it's simple. I'm breaking into blogs all over the world and leaving behind hints on where to find me next. Its really easy.... go read these blogs and see who commented... in those comments is where I'll be hiding next.

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Happy Blogging!
- Dana

SON OF A BITCH! You know when it rains around here it really pours! My aunt in law is still in the hospital after being air lifted from her local hospital to a major medical center on Monday, she ruptured a vein in her lung and was essentially drowning in her own blood, they got that fixed and when doing CAT scans to check for blood clots, they found scar tissue on her brain from mini strokes that no one knew she had, so she will be staying in the hospital for more testing and to try to find out what is going on...

My aunt just called and my grandmother is in the hospital, she went in last night with swelling in her legs and a severe infection in them, plus she has conjunctivitis and is on high doses of antibiotics to help clear up the infections. She also has alzheimers and my grandfather is now realizing that he can't take care of her and she will be going into a nursing home after this...UGH!

So things are a wreck in the loser genius house! I'm going to go try to find someone to watch the peanut this afternoon and for a little while tomorrow afternoon so I can see my grandmother (she's contagious adn I don't need the peanut to be sick too!), on Sunday we will probably go and visit aunt in law since the hospital she's in is an hour away.

I hate this crap!!


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